CNS Hour Supervision


CNS Supervision Sara Kahn IFNS Alumni

Sara Kahn, MS, CNS

The IFNS mentor program is a must for CNS supervision.  Starting out as a newly practicing nutritionist can be overwhelming.  Got questions about symptoms, diagnoses, labs, supplements, protocols, etc?  Of course you do.  I know I had a million questions!  The IFNS program helps bridge the gap between what you learned in graduate school and clinical application in an uber-supportive and collaborative environment.  You not only learn about your own client case studies but you learn from your peers’ cases, as well.  You also learn about business operations, business building, marketing and more.  By the end of the program, I felt much more confident as a clinician and ready to grow my practice. 

CNS Supervision Student Aparna.png

Aparna Natarajan, MS, CNS

I took part in Dr. Jaime's CNS internship program (IFNS), an experience that opened up new ways of thinking and helped to apply my nutrition education to bring positive clinical outcomes in my clients. My cohort was fun to work with and I really looked forward to meeting them each week, albeit virtually. We got to discuss best practices and business ideas, along with a good dose to Dr. J's wisdom to boot. I'm glad I got to partake in this group program --not only did it help me procure my CNS, I made some really good friends and even flew out to see them in New York -- it was all worth it.

Alyssa Cohen, MS/RD


Working with Dr. Jaime Schehr was such a privilege and she has been one of the greatest influencers of my career. She allowed me enough guidance to learn and enough space to grow. She made me feel valued and encouraged intellectual curiosity. I had the amazing experience of working on various projects with Jaime, and her knowledge, patience and passion for teaching is truly a gift. I feel so lucky to have had Dr. Schehr as a mentor.


Allison Buckingham, CDN 

Co-Owner: Perelandra Natural Food Center

My experience interning with Jaime Schehr was excellent. Jaime's depth of knowledge, demeanor and willingness to support and encourage learning was invaluable. The diversity of needs of the patients she exposed me to & conditions that I would not have seen at a private nutrition office, were of great benefit to me. The counseling skills I learned from Jaime continue to inform my nutrition-related interactions to this day. I would highly recommend anyone who wants learn and/or refine nutrition assessment and counseling skills from a very experienced, supportive and knowledgeable practitioner work with Dr. Jaime.


Abra Pappa, MS, CNS

Dr. Jaime has been an instrumental tool in my learning journey. I am so grateful to have her as my CNS supervisor and mentor. Working alongside Dr. Jaime I have gained more clinical knowledge than my entire Masters Degree Program, seeing theories in practice is invaluable and understanding how to relay complicated functional and integrative medicine theories to truly guide patients to a better, healthier life is the best education I could ask for. I wouldn't be the practitioner that I am today without Dr. Jaime.


Jill Keene, MS/RD     

Nutrition Porgram coordinator, Lifetime athletic

When I was selected to intern with Dr. Jaime Schehr I was thrilled. Classmates before me had raved about their experience with her and I felt lucky to get the same opportunity. My time with Dr. Jaime Schehr far exceeded any of my expectations. I was constantly in awe of her incredible amount of knowledge but more impressive was her ability to connect with clients, make them feel comfortable and confident in her recommendations and give them hope that whatever ailment or issue they were facing would get better. Watching Dr. Jaime Schehr counsel clients greatly impacted and improved my own counseling skills. She was an incredible mentor providing great support, as well as valuable constructive criticism. I can confidently say that my time with her has made me a better nutritionist.