Program Summary ―

IFNS is an online nutrition supervision program specifically designed to prepare functional and integrative nutrition professionals to pursue board certification as a Certified Nutrition Specialist® (CNS)®. Additionally IFNS supports nutrition specialists who are looking to gain clinical experience and collaborate with leaders and experts in the field of integrative and functional nutrition.

The Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS)® requires 1,000 hours of documented supervised nutrition practice experience, in addition to a passing grade on the CNS® board exam. This program provides the supervised practice hours for those working towards CNS® certification. It is perfectly suited for nutrition professionals (or nutrition students) who are self-sufficient and looking to gain supervised practice experience.

Functional Nutrition Internship

Requirements ―

To be eligible for admission into the IFNS program, individuals must:

  • Hold a Masters of Science in the field of nutrition, or be fully matriculated into a Master of Science in the field of nutrition program

  • Be seeking certification through the Board for Certification of Nutrition Specialists (BCNS)®

  • Poses the ability to work independently, and have access to BCNS® approved educational opportunities or practice hours

Program Specifics ―

Supervision hours will be met through a combination of the following:  case studies, case presentations, round table discussions, virtual client visits*, in-person client visits*, protocol development and review, expert lectures, grand rounds and seminars.

Clinical experience will take place at the candidate's place of employment, private practice or internship. Options including:

  • Educational programs in the community (corporate wellness, lunch and learns, webinars, cooking demo's, grocery store tours, etc.)

  • Individual clinical work (working as a nutrition professional in private practice or in a group clinical setting)

  • Group clinical work

Details ―

  • The group will meet for 3 cohort calls each month. During the group calls individuals will present cases for the group.

  • In addition to the cohort calls, monthly lunch and learn seminars will be presented on nutrition specific topics from professionals in the field.

  • The program will run 3 cohorts each year; Winter (beginning in February), Summer (beginning in June), and Fall (beginning in September). The spring and fall Cohorts run for approximately 4 months. The summer cohort runs for 8 weeks.

  • Approximately 9-12 hours per month will be spent directly in activities associated with the supervision program.

  • The amount of hours spent in clinical practice (outside of the cohort calls) will vary from individual to individual.

  • This program is perfectly suited for self-sufficient nutritionists that have opportunities to gain hours on their own time (via private practice, corporate wellness, teaching opportunities, or other CNS approved activities)

Applications Open on August 1st, 2019 

How Does It Work?

If accepted into the IFNS program you will participate in the following:

  • Weekly Nutrition Case Presentations (including clinical discussion and lab analysis)

  • Weekly Case Conferences

  • Weekly Nutrition Team Q&A Sessions

  • Expert Lectures

  • Roundtable Discussions

  • Virtual client visits