Program Specifics ―

Supervision hours will be met through a combination of the following:  case studies, case presentations, round table discussions, virtual client visits*, in-person client visits*, protocol development and review, expert lectures, grand rounds and seminars.



  • The program will run 2 cohorts; Fall 2017 and Spring 2018. Each Cohort can provide up to a maximum of 400 hours. 
  • The required commitment is 10 hours per week
  • This program is perfectly suited for self-sufficient nutritionists that have opportunities to gain hours on their own time (via private practice, corporate wellness, teaching opportunities, or other CNS approved activities)

How Does It Work?


This program will run 2 cohorts (fall/spring). Each cohort can provide up to a maximum 400 hours*



Requires a minimum commitment of 10 hours per week



  • Weekly Nutrition Case Presentations including clinical discussion

  • Weekly Case Conferences (this is the same as above but for the non presenter it’s a case conference and for the presenter it counts as a case presentation)

  • Weekly Nutrition Team Q&A session (this will be via a forum but let’s not advertise it that way publically) -

  • Expert lectures (live or recorded via webinar)

This is just to help eat up some hours - I can arrange for supplement companies to give lectures on their product ;-) for example i can have the xymogen rep talk about their products for an hour) - stole this idea  from kara fitzgerald

Roundtable discussions – this is where we will dive into case studies and protocols (we can do this once a month on a 2 hour call but  and each can count for 6 hours or something like that)