Nutrition Supervision for CNS hours


The Integrative and Functional Nutrition Supervision program is designed for independent nutritionists working towards their CNS (certified nutrition specialist) certification hours.

Led by Dr. Jaime Schehr, a duel licensed Naturopathic Physician and Registered Dietician with over 10 years of experience supervising students and practitioners in the field of nutrition. 

Dr. Jaime's mission is to bridge the gap between textbook knowledge and patient care. Her first hand experience as a graduated nutritionist with little clinical exposure left her feeling overwhelmed and insecure in the beginning of her career. Today she helps interns build confidence and apply what they know in a practical setting. 


“Dr. Jaime Schehr has been one of the greatest influencers in my nutrition career.”

— Alyssa

I can confidently say that my time with Dr. Jaime Schehr has made me a better nutritionist. 

— Jill

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