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What do you mean by "self-sufficient" nutritionists?

This program is ideally suited for you if you currently have a private practice or have opportunities to gain practice hours outside of the mentorship.

You must have your own clients as you will be required to bring client cases to the program. Within IFNS You will be reporting on client cases and/or your other practice experience.

What type of activities qualify as supervised practice experience?

Clinical work like client prep and research, meal plan development, client management and client hours. Group clinical work also qualifies, things like weight loss groups or small group programs. You can teach hands on nutrition education classes like cooking classes, or grocery store tours. Providing education programs at schools, corporations, farms, or gyms. Lunch and learns and webinars (hours include development of these programs). You could also consult as a nutrition professional. During IFNS we will cover all the possible ways you can work toward your certification hours.

Why do i need supervision?

Credentialing bodies like BCNS require supervision of applied practice hours. If you are seeking licensure (please check your state nutrition laws on the Center for Nutrition Advocacy website) you will need supervision.

Outside of the practical need for supervision, Dr. Jaime Schehr will help guide you to be a better clinician and apply integrative and functional nutrition concepts in practice.

what if i apply for the 200 hour cohort but want to continue and complete 400 hours?

If you apply and are accepted into the 200 hour cohort you will complete your commitment within the first 8 weeks. If you want to continue and complete an additional 200 hours you are welcome to continue, space permitted.

I would love to acquire hours but I am in no rush to complete them. Is it possible to acquire hours in a slower fashion?

The short answer is yes. We will consider a slow track hour acquisition on a case by case basis. Please be sure to mention this in your application and interview. 

Are there limitations to practice?

The supervisee should operate within the scope of practice indicated by state laws where the client resides.  To learn more about state nutrition laws, visit the Center for Nutrition Advocacy website. It is up to the supervisee to get familiar with state licensing laws. 

Will i be covered under dr. jaime's liability?

No. All students operate independently. Dr. Jaime Schehr and IFNS operate as an educational program, this program is not inteded to treat, provide medical advice, or substitute for medical care.